The pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you have ever wondered about pink Himalayan salt lamps and what the craze is all about, there are defiantly a few reasons why you should own one, or several if need be. I must admit, as funny as it sounds I did give my very first Salt lamp a lick, just to make sure it was truly salt and oh my word it was. The salt is mined in Pakistan at the Khewra mine and can be bought in many forms; from salt slabs used for cooking to cutting boards, bath salts and table salt.
So if you are looking to raise you energy levels with our stunning Himalayan salt lamps, you are in the right place. Besides all the amazing benefit’s like; enhancing your mood, raising your energy levels, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, sharpening concentration & performance, reduction in stress, promoting relaxation, deodorizing & purifying the air and improving your sleep, just to name a few. They are so visually appealing while switched on and off you might end up with a few.
The lamps are made of salt, salt is a form of crystal and the pinkish color is produced from traces of minerals during the formation of the salt. When turned on the heat of the light produce’s negative ions which in turn releases positive effects on the indoor air we breathe. By placing several salt lamps around your home you could reap not only the health but the environmental benefits as well.

There is also no doubt that its extreme beauty is enough to enhance anybody’s mood.