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On A Mission

At some stage we all begin to question life and our existence in it, the thoughts crossing my mind at the time were that I have experienced negative emotions like sadness, stress, guilt, anxiety, depression, anger, hate, jealousy and so many more throughout my life that it would shadow or sometimes consume the positive. With so many medical solutions like; medications and different psychology treatments, people have lost sight that finding inner happiness cannot come from those external factors, that self-medicating and numbing the emotions is a short term solution. There comes a time when some of us transition from the traditional modern medicine form to self-healing and inner peace.

And that’s where my journey began. If I could take an object, any object and give it a positive meaning, word or outcome, if I carried it with me every day, I slept next to it every night and I repeated it’s Mantra, a word, a sentence, a meaning I gave the object day in and day out. What do you think would happen? Well I would slowly begin to believe it, I would slowly begin to feel its power, and I would slowly begin to feel its energy. I know energy exists, I feel it in the presence of people, we all feel it. Those negative vibes when someone is having a bad day, or that happiness when you around someone that’s happy and bubbly, that’s their energy your feeling. You feed off of that energy, but you don’t always want that energy, especially if it's negative.

So there it is, my first 7 Chakra diffuser bracelet, I ordered it online from overseas somewhere, I wasn’t even sure I was going to receive it, it cost a lot and it didn’t come with an essential oil or an instruction leaflet. It didn’t heal me instantly, I didn’t put it on my arm and feel this deep inner peace and surrender to the world, there was no fireworks or energy display, there was nothing. Resorting to research as what to do with it now was complicated and time consuming. But none the less I persevered and that is what gave birth to Mi Chakra. An understandable all in one brand in aid of healing one’s heart, adding beauty and meaning to life and a lifestyle change to go with it. At the end of the day you take that object and give it a meaning, it’s as simple as that. You take it one step and one day at a time.

What am I going to do with this new found knowledge? I’m going to take my object, which is my crystal bracelet and I’m going to name it, charge it, programme it, give it intent, it doesn’t matter what I call it I’m gonna give this crystal a mission. A mission that will remind me every day why I wear it and why I believe in its power. I believe in its power and energy because I gave it power, I gave it energy and I gave it a mission. I gave it a specific mission.

With Love From Chantelle at Mi Chakra