Expand your collection - Tumbled Stones & Crystals

Tumbled stones and crystals are exquisite natural specimens unearthed from deep within the earth, formed over millions of years. They possess a powerful, unique energy that connects us to the wondrous planet we call home. Here are some examples of the amazing things you can do with your crystals.

Use Them for Decoration

Crystals are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of decorative ways. They can be artfully arranged to create stunning showpieces, placed in decorative bowls to add a touch of elegance, or carefully positioned along a bookshelf to enhance its visual appeal. Additionally, some crystals can be added to fish tanks or aquariums to create a captivating underwater landscape, or incorporated into potted plants to infuse a natural and earthy vibe into the surroundings.

Give Some as Gifts

Crystals are affordable, they make wonderful gifts! Many of us can probably remember picking out tumbled crystals when we were younger. It's a great way to help others get started on their own journey of crystal healing and crystal collecting.

For Meditation and Chakra Balancing

Tumbled crystals are ideal for meditation, chakra balancing, and healing. They are easier to hold, use, and place along the body, particularly for chakra balancing. You can lay down and place the corresponding crystals along the chakras. Additionally, you can hold tumbled stones in your hands while you meditate.

For Crystal Grids

Crystal can be placed on crystal grids. They are not only visually appealing but also serve a specific purpose. Crystal grids operate on the principle of the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. When you create a crystal grid, you're combining the energy of various crystals and arranging them in specific geometric patterns to manifest your desires and intentions.

In simple terms, a crystal grid is a group of crystals placed in a specific pattern to help attract your intentions. Often, crystals in a crystal grid are chosen for their specific uses, such as stones connected to romance to improve relationships, or crystals linked to prosperity to empower your professional goals.

Place Them Around Your Home for Protection

There are various suggestions for safeguarding your home, one of which involves creating a protective crystal grid or perimeter around your living space. This practice typically involves using Black Tourmaline, sometimes combined with other crystals like Selenite.

On-the-Go Healing

Tumbled stones smooth, lightweight, and durable crystals and are perfect for taking your healing on the go! You can put some in your purse, pocket, or even wear them in jewelry.

Use to Reduce Stress and Fidgeting

If you enjoy keeping your hands busy, or if you often feel anxious, you may find that holding and manipulating tumbled stones can be a helpful way to alleviate stress. These smooth stones are not only soothing to touch, but you can also enjoy the satisfying sound they make when clanked together or rolled in your hands. Whether you're at home, work, commuting, or anywhere else, these stones can provide a fun, engaging, and stress-relieving distraction.